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K. Writerly

Works and Writer-ish Ramblings

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The Last Legend
Availability: Smashwords (ebooks), Lulu, CreateSpace, & Amazon (print)
Genres: historical fiction, suspense, horror, coming-of-age

The wilds of 14th century Ireland is no place for a boy alone.

When Kellan mac Couhlan’s father dies, he loses the only person he has ever believed in. Grief consumes him. But then, he hears the story of Bowen Blair. She is courageous, strong, good and true. She is the last of Ireland’s legendary warriors, the Fianna. Her existence proves that myths he had thought long dead are real. Young Kellan has found his heroine.

As time passes, Kellan’s obsession with Bowen Blair grows until news of her latest adventure - a grisly murder - tests the very foundations of his trust. He embarks on a quest to understand this enigmatic woman who is a savior, a fighter, and a killer. Who is Bowen Blair? Are the stories true? What is fiction and what is fact? And, more importantly, is Kellan ready for the truth?


Without Wings
Availability: Smashwords (ebooks), Lulu, CreateSpace, & Amazon (print)
Genres: supernatural, suspense, action, humor, romance

Two foster siblings, a society of immortal creatures, and an ability that terrifies everyone.

This is me – Lasca Grimshaw, spotlight-shy photographer – shamelessly hiding in the shadows outside my first solo art show, whispering conspiratorially with a handsome stranger about shooting wild horses. Life just doesn’t get any better than this! He’s witty and sexy and, hey I’ll be honest, it’s been ages since I’ve let that particular combination take me home for a night. But then I touch his hand and...!

Here I am, in the middle of the effing Canadian wilderness, in the middle of effing winter, running for my life. An easy recon assignment, I’d thought. Just some mindless intel-gathering, I’d assumed. Yeah, well, you know what they say about those schmucks who assume. And I guess I’d know: Hello, my name is Chez, the Super Schmuck. My enemies are closing in. It’s do or die. Literally. I take my chance. It’s just dumb luck that my hands are bare and I find a patch of skin on the guy and...!

Chemistry exists. Only, it isn’t harmlessly thrilling. It devastates.


Children's Books
Attention, Please!
Availability: work-in-progress
Illustrator: Crista Rowe
Summary: A sister and a brother are Christmas shopping and the very best present is on the very highest shelf in the store! They need help!

The Boy Without a Hat
Availability: work-in-progress
Illustrator: Michelle Hughey-Gonzalez
Summary: Jeffy Felt lives in Hat Town and anyone in Hat Town will tell you the importance of a hat! One day, Jeffy decides to leave his wonderful top hat at home and, oh, this causes quite the kerfuffle!